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Avigate and the social seller is a match made in heaven

An online business allows you to transact from anywhere. If you’re a social seller and sell through social media and chat apps, Avigate is for you.

Let’s say you’re stuck in traffic, a customer from Messenger asks about a hot item and wants to buy now. Fire up the Avigate app, click on Start Selling and send the invoice through chat.

What if you’re in your store and you have customers? Avigate acts like a mobile POS and records your sales effortlessly in real time. It even warns you of items which are low in stock.

Avigate allows you to build your catalog of Items for Sale right in the app. While you’re selling in the real world, your chatbot uses your catalog to sell through your chat channels.

Let’s say you’re a baker and you buy flour for your bakery. Open the Expenses page, take a photo of the receipt or record the quick details and it’s saved. Are you profitable or not? Click on Insights and check your numbers. Avigate shows you your Total Sales, Expenses and Net Income.

You forget who bought what and if you’ve delivered items already? No sweat, just go to Transactions and review all the information from each customer there. Set orders as In Transit, Paid, or Delivered.

Do you need to post marketing content on your Facebook page? Use the auto-post feature of Avigate. Just create once and tell the app how often to post it: once, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Sell at home, at the park, in your store, or even in traffic (don’t text and drive though!). With Avigate, you can sell anywhere while your chatbot squad sells online.

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Managing a business online has never been this easy.