Introducing – your chatbot sales squad.

Let’s start with a story. Liza sells delicious, homemade pizza in his community. Unknown to him, another person, Bob, sells the best home brewed craft beer on another part of the community. Bob’s beer + Liza’s pizza is a match made in heaven.

But using conventional chat commerce, Bob’s customers are just that, only Bob’s. And Liza’s customers won’t probably come across Bob’s brand unless they do some real searching.

With Avigate, Bob and Liza’s chatbot can show each other’s brands and share deals with each other’s customers! Say for example, Bob has a buy 1 get 1 promo and Liza has 50% off, just for this week. Their customers can see these deals whether they chat with Bob or Liza’s chatbots. The result? Happy customers and a wider customer base for Bob and Liza.

Now, imagine Bob connecting to Liza connecting to Jim connecting to Jill connecting to a hundred different chatbots sharing deals with each other. That’s the Avigate advantage.

You can choose to connect to one or one thousand other merchants. It’s your choice. Just click the Connect button on the Socials page and an invite will go to the other merchant. Once accepted, your chatbots will each other’s Special Offers.

By the way, the link is for Special Offers only and not for regular items. Only Special Offers will be shown in your connections’ chatbots. Once a customer clicks it, they get to chat with your chatbot which can show your other regular items.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to Avigate’s Socials page now and make them sweet deals and connections flow.

To your chatbot squad!

Managing a business online has never been this easy.